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Model FT4-X2632-N   System Ref
Intel Xeon E5-2600V4
System FeaturesChassis Features
Motherboard Quad Node Dual Xeon E5-2600 v4 series (4x X10DRFR-N) Chipset 4x Intel C612 (1 per node)
CPU Socket Type LGA-2011 Maximum CPU 8
RAM Slot Type DDR4 (Use in pairs, quads, Linked to processor) Maximum RAM 8192GB (64 x 128GB)
Expansion Slots
4 x PCI-e (3.0) x16 (LP) 8 x NVMe PCI-e (3.0) x4
4 x MicroLP (PCI-e 3.0 x8) (LP)
IO Ports 8 USB 3.0 Rear (2x USB Per node), 4x VGA (1x VGA Per node), 4x Serial 16550 (1 per node)
On-board HD
24 port SATA (6Gb/s)(Intel C612)6 ports per node
8 port NVMe (8Gb/s)(Intel C612)2 ports per node
On-board RAID
24 port SATA (6Gb/s)(RAID 0,1,5,10)(i C612 6 ports per node)
8 port NVMe (8Gb/s)(RAID N/A - JBOD Mode only,)(i C612 2 ports per node)
On-board (Included) Per Node: Integrated IPMI 2.0 with Dedicated LAN (ASpeed AST2400 BMC). Supports virtual media over LAN and KVM over LAN.
On-board LAN
4 xIntel i350 (2 Ports per node) 2 Port Gigabit
4x ASpeed AST2400 (1 per node)(1Head)
General Info Four individual (Quad node) Dual Processor servers in 4U. Supermicro FatTwin Server Technology. Supports up to 9.6GT/s system bus. Maximum 2TB Ram per node (16 Dimm banks per node). Supports quad channel DDR4 ram. System with integrated 2x NVMe ports per node.
  16GB RAM (Total), 16GB for CPU1  
RAID on board:
Hot Swap HDD:
Hot Swap HDD 2:
Hot Swap HDD 3:
SAS/PCI-e Card:
Graphics on board:
Graphics/GPU 2:
LAN on board:
LAN Controller:
LAN Controller 2:
PCI-e SSD 2:
Chassis Colour:
Other Peripheral:
Operating System:
OS Version:
Software 2:
Software 3:

Active Expansion Counter

Available Slots Remaining
PCI-e (3.0) x16(LP)x 4
MicroLP (PCI-e 3.0 x8)(LP)x 4
NVMe PCI-e (3.0) x4x 8

Available HD Bays Remaining
3.5"/2.5" NVMe Hot Swapx 8
3.5" Hot Swapx 23

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£5,416 ex VAT
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