Multinode Configurator

Model 5038MD-H24TRF   System Ref
Multinode Enclosure
System Features Supermicro 3U Twenty-Four node (12x Hot pluggable Twin node system modules) MicroCloud server solution model 5039MD-H24TRF, each node supporting one Xeon D-1531 6-Core 2.10GHz CPU, 2x 2.5" Internal HD/SSD bays per node and up to 128GB DDR4 RAM per node. Each twin node module can be online configured independently from all the other installed twin node modules, with all multifaceted options available, using the Multinode System Node configurator engines. System Nodes are listed below.
This solution ideal for high-end enterprise, high performance computing (HPC) clusters, Data centres and cloud computing environments.
Chassis Model 3U CSE-938HX-R1K63B (5038MD-H24TRF)
Description Twenty Four Node (12x Twin Node Multi-Node Solution) (24x Xeon D-1541 Nodes total), 2x 2.5" Internal (slim) SSD Bays per node. Solution with Dual Redundant (Platinum 95%) 1600W PSU.
Height 3U, 132mm Depth 749mm
Width 438mm
Chassis Colour
External Optical Drive
Telescopic Rail Kit included
Maintenance inc. all Nodes

Overall System Price
£15,656 ex VAT

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System Node Pricing
£299 ex VAT

Multinode System Nodes

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Node Configurator

Model 5038MD-H24TRF  
System Node Spec 1
System Node
Node General Info Twin Node system module, each node with 1x Intel Xeon D-1531 6-Core 2.20GHz processor, each node supporting 2x Internal (slim) 2.5" SSDs, with integrated 2x Intel i350-AM2 Gigabit LAN ports per node.
Node Chassis 5038MD-H24TRF Node Module Motherboard Twenty Four Node Single Xeon D-1531 6-Core 2.10GHz (X10SDE-DF)
Chipset System-On-Chip Expansion Slots & I/O Per Node: 1 x PCI-e (3.0) x8 (LP), 1x PCI-e-(3.0) x8 (MicroLP) (Pre-Installed LAN), VGA, COM Port, 2x USB 2.0 Rear, 2x USB 2.0 (with KVM Dongle).
CPU Socket Type FCBGA-1667 Maximum CPU 2
Maximum Ram 256GB (8 x 32GB) Ram Slot Type DDR4 (Use in pairs, Linked to processor)
On-Board LAN
2 x Intel i350 (2 Ports per node) 2 x Gigabit
On-board RAID
Onboard Management Per Node: Integrated IPMI 2.0 on shared LAN (AST2400 BMC). Supports virtual media over LAN and KVM over LAN. On-board Graphics 2x ASpeed AST2400/32 (1 per node)(2Head)(32MB RAM)
HD Bays
4 x 2.5" Internal
Drive Support SATA (6Gb/s) / SAS2 (6Gb/s) - 4 Ports

  32GB RAM (Total), 16GB for CPU1, 16GB for CPU2  
Internal HD/SSD
Internal HD/SSD2
On-Board Graphics 2x ASpeed AST2400/32 (1 per node)(2Head)(32MB RAM)
On-Board LAN 2 x Intel i350 (2 Ports per node) 2 x Gigabit
Server Manager
OS Version
Operating System
Software 2
Software 3