Supermicro Superblade

7U SuperBlade®

  • 14 module Datablade 7U system
  • 10 module OfficeBlade 7U system
  • Highest computing density
    Up to 40 CPU's, 240 Processor Cores, and 1,280 GB memory for 4-way SuperBlade®
  • Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Networking Solution
    Infiniband DDR/QDR support)
  • High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations
    (93% power efficiency with highly effective cooling subsystem design)
  • Dual and Quad redundant PSU options
    Outstanding Storage Flexibility (Up to 60x 2.5" HDDs in 7U for Storage Blades)
  • Remote Management
    Supports Intel® Xeon® 5500 Series and AMD Opteron® 8000 Series CPUs
Supermicro 7U SuperBlade
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Intel Modular Server banner

Intel® Modular Server

6U Scalable Server Compute Blade Capacity
Supports up to six Multi-Core Intel Xeon dual processor-based Server Compute Modules Blades
Virtual, Integrated Shared Storage
Diskless Server Compute Modules utilize the integrated SAN with virtual drives to
increase flexibility and maximize storage capacity.
Virtual Presence GUI Management
Manage your system as if you were standing right in front of it with the Virtual
Presence GUI Management Interface.
Integrated Networking
Dual Gb Ethernet switches offer ten 1 GbE uplinks per module.
Full Redundancy & Hot Swap Capabilities
Hot-swappable Server Compute Modules & storage drives let you increase capacity on-demand.
Redundant modules and hot spare options improve IT availability

Intel® Modular Server
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